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12- Rays with body, soul and mind


The physical/etheric body shows life energy to the chakras.

The individual physical/etheric body marked with a blue line shows the individual chakra, active that year.

12 Rays moves the position of Sun/Venus, so that life energy to the physical/etheric body follows nature`s energy. This gives the physical/etheric body the best possible chance of further developing.

12 Rays and the zodiac signs show the individual gate, active that year. The gate is marked with a round circle.

The individual spiritual gate may provide an opportunity for personal development and initiation.

12 Rays is a tool for connecting with the masters, archangels and elohims, and it follows the seasons through healing, guidance and help.

Purchasing 12 Rays provide an opportunity to participate in a course being about life energi and spiritual gates, as well as The Fixes Grand Cross, The Flexible Grand Cross and The Cardinal Grand Cross.

The course will use individual horoscopes along with the three crosses in 12 Rays.

12 Rays by computer login for 1.200 DKK KR.

Please note that personal development may be painful.

Any use of 12 Rays is therefor at own risk. 

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